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Payspark is the same as EZIpay. You can use you Payspark account anywhere you see the Ezipay logo also. This is a great card for internet gamblers. Not only can this card be used for EZIpay Casinos, but it is also good at over 25 million merchants world wide. Oh, and you can access your cash at over 1 million ATM world wide. When you open a Payspark account and it is approves, you will receive a ATM card in the mail. This is how you will be able to with draw your funds from the casino’s. This makes depositing at EZI Pay Casinos much easier. You can manage your Payspark account by using there user friendly web site. There are no fees associated with using EZI Pay unless your account has no had a balance on it for 90 days. A small fee of $10 then will be assessed. Any balance over $500 a month with accrue 2%.

PaySpark Internet Payment funding options: Credit Card, Transfer from PaySpark ATM Account, Western Union, and Wire Transfer.

Best Online EZI Card/PaySpark Casinos
100% Bonus Grand Hotel - EZIPay Accepted
grand hotel casino Grand Hotel Casino offers a $12 no deposit bonus and a free $125 for all new players. You will find the no deposit Casino Bonuses are completely free, and the second can be earned with a 100% matching deposit bonus. Grand Hotel is one of the leading EZIPay Casinos. No sure if you want to play the full casino or not? Try out the Grand Hotel Casino no download casino. These flash casinos are a great way to try out the internet casino.