Online Casino Odds

What are the odds of winning online casinos compared to land based casinos?

Some say the online casino odds are better, some say the odds are the same. My experience with internet casinos is that the slot games have better odds that the "Brick and Mortar" casinos. The card games and other games are the same odds. As long as the casino you play is using a properly tuned Random Number Generator, then you'll be OK. All the casinos we have on Casino Bonus Room have a properly regulated Random Number Generator. So to answer the question, you can assume that the odds are the same. There has not been any definitive answer which is a good thing. That means everything is right on track. If there was a substantial difference in odds, everyone would know.

Most Casinos will have their online odds projected payout percentage listed on the casino site. Also, the best casino will also publish the monthly Random Number Generator report. Good Luck and WIN BIG!

Online Casinos With Best Odds
400% Bonus Rushmore Casino - $2,000 Free
rushmore casino Rushmore Casino is one of those casinos with the best online casino odds. The house has very little favor through Rushmore Casino, as they have programmed their payback rates to be higher than a standard casino. Their slots are loose, their blackjack tables have high returns, and even their roulette tables carry better odds than a standard casino. In addition to the higher returns, Rushmore casino offers some of the best bonuses on the Internet. They will give slot players a 400% match to $2,400 dollars, a 200% to $1,200 dollars for blackjack, and an $888 dollar general deposit bonus for all games. The bonuses they provide will help you take advantage of their favorable odds, and will boost your bankroll at a quickened pace. Since the returns are higher, these casinos remain amongst the most profitable forms of gambling, giving players the best possible chance to clean up on their initial deposits. Visit Rushmore Casino
400% Bonus Cherry Red Casino - Great Odds Here
cherry red casino If you want the best possible online casino odds, you should look into Cherry Red Casino. Cherry Red's dedication to their customers has brought them to the have the odds that they do, which are strikingly better than that found in any brick and mortar casino. Supporting players through these odds slated in favor of the player are several bonuses, from which players can receive hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Their slot bonus, worth $2,400 dollars, can be received with the code CHERRYREELS. Their blackjack bonus, one worth a 200% match to $1,200 dollars, grants players an additional bonus using the code BLACKCHERRY. If you favor video poker you will be able to use the code WILDCHERRY to receive an additional 200% match to $1,200 dollars, thus giving you more than you originally bargained for when you make your initial deposit. These bonuses, combined with the favorable odds, make for a gaming experience unlike any other. Visit Cherry Red Casino
Casinos with the Best Odds